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SERVICE means responding to the breakdown of equipment and undertaking work to correct the problem in order to return the equipment to a working condition. Before equipment can be repaired, you need to be aware that there is a problem! Therefore, there should be a clearly understood system for reporting faults and breakdowns and equipment users should be encouraged to report faults and breakdowns as soon as possible.

If there is no back-up equipment, a breakdown will mean that the service the equipment was providing will come to a halt. Simple repairs can be done by the in-house or external maintenance and repair team. If the equipment is repaired where it is used, it is important that the team is trained to work safely and that they don’t create hazards for patients or staff. More complex repairs will be carried out by specialized maintenance personnel; they might come to the eye care unit or you may have to send the equipment to them for repairs.

In all these situations, it is important to keep equipment users informed of how long their equipment will be unavailable. Some items of equipment will be found to be damaged beyond repair. For others, spare parts may no longer be available as the equipment has become outdated.

These will have reached the end of their lives and must be taken out of service (decommissioned or retired) and be replaced if the service they provide is to continue. Equipment that is being decommissioned should be disposed of safely and according to proper disposal procedures. Remember to update your records accordingly. ‘Plan for maintenance when you purchase the equipment’
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