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The craft of embroidery is practiced all over the world and involves a vast number of techniques, stitches, threads, base fabrics and embellishments. There is no universal way of classifying embroidery, as different cultures use different terms to describe stitches and techniques. This guide introduces some of the most common embroidery styles found in our collections.


Appliqué is ornamental needlework in which pieces or patch of fabric in different shapes and patterns are sewn or stuck onto a larger piece to form a picture or pattern. It is commonly used as decoration, especially on garments.


Sewing beads on fabric is the ultimate in fabric embellishment. The sparkly beads bring brilliance and a dimension to the fabric which is unparalleled. Bead embroidery means stitching beads onto fabric in beautiful patterns.


“laser bridge” cutting system installed on embroidery machines is that the laser works in register with the embroidery machine.


Cut work, also known as puntotagliato in Italian, is a needlework technique in which portions of a textile, typically cotton or linen, are cut away and the resulting "hole" is reinforced and filled with embroidery or needle lace.


The chain stitch is one of the best-known stitches in embroidery. A member of the looped stitch category, it can be stitched along a curved or straight line. As an embroiderer,


Named for the French word for caterpillar, chenille is the name for both the type of yarn and the fabric that makes the soft material. The threads are purposefully piled in creating the yarn, which resembles the fuzzy exterior of the caterpillar.


Thread work is done with woolen thread in different textures mostly used on decorative or thick cloth for puffy work.


The coil filling stitch is a composite stitch often used in drawn thread work. It is created from right to left, with three satin stitches worked over four horizontal threads, and between two vertical threads.


Cording embroidery is a specialist embroidery technique, which let us to sew on materials, patterns made of ribbons, beads, cords or decorative chains (e.g. metal or plastic chains).


Cross-stitch embroidery, type of embroidery carried out on an evenly woven fabric in which the strands of the weave can be counted. ... As its name implies, cross-stitch is a double stitch diagonally crossing intersections of the horizontal and vertical threads of the fabric.


This stitch has technical similarities to the fishbone stitch and the opened fishbone stitch. The difference is that this stitch cannot give sharp ends, and therefore, is not ideal for leaves with tapering ends. Instead, this is one of the best stitches to fill in flower petals.


Caps are not only a staple of the embroidery business, but they are also among the many clothing articles we embroiderers get to have fun and be creative with. Why not take the time to learn how to embroider on them, whether for business or pleasure.


It is a stitching style done in manual stitching in digitization. There are different styles of hand stitch fill like long & short stitching, seed stitching etc.,


Embroidered lace is embroidered on a base using a needle. The base varies according to the type. Many techniques use a net, either woven or knotted. ... Woven fabric with threads removed to make a grid (Reticella, Buratto) Machine made hexagonal net (Limerick, Needlerun net, Tambour)


A laser processing machine can create sculptures and designs with a laser. It can cut complicated and fine patterns or molds that could not be done by human hands. By adjusting the laser, you can also engrave with the heat of the laser, which gives this tool added utility.


mirror-work, is a type of embroidery which attaches small pieces of mirrors or reflective metal to fabric. Mirror embroidery is common throughout Asia, and today can be found in the traditional embroidery of the Indian subcontinent,


Embroidery in India includes dozens of embroidery styles that vary by region and clothing ... Practiced by the Lambada gypsy tribes of Andhra Pradesh, Banjara embroidery is a mix of applique with mirrors and beadwork. Bright red .


Three basic methods may be used to embroider with beads: individual beads may be sewn directly onto fabric, or several beads may be run through a needle before running through the backing, or else a line of threaded beads may be laid upon a fabric and secured with couching stitches.


Embroidery is a time-intensive practice using heavy thread and varying stitches to construct an image. Photo-embroidered images can be sewn onto many types of fabric, for many applications - wall hangings, clothing, costumes, bedclothes, household goods, etc.


Puff embroidery is a three dimensional effect that raises the stitches off of the garment. It works best with large areas of simple block text or shapes. If you try to make puff work on really small lines most likely it will fail to impress.


Today, sequins, also called spangles or diamantes, are used to ornament clothes all around the world. Initially, this embroidery was done using metallic disc shaped beads but nowadays plastic is largely used, though it may be covered in metallic paper or gift.


Give your bath décor a splashy update with embroidered terry cloth towels.


The New Cording/Ribbon Device is the newest and most distinctive embellishment of it’s kind. This device can be added to the side of the embroidery machine head – utilizing the end needle – and will feed cording or ribbon from a roll.


3D embroidery is a technique similar to standard embroidery whereby your design is set up within a special file format called a DST file. The main difference between standard embroidery and 3D embroidery is that a foam material is fixed to the garment before the threads are then embroidered over the top.
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